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Re: More issues on root fs...

Subject: Re: More issues on root fs...
From: Matthias Heidbrink <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 23:19:05 +0100 (MET)
In-reply-to: <> from "Harald Koerfgen" at Jan 26, 99 10:14:07 pm

Harald Koerfgen
> Just beeing curious, does anybody have an idea how this compares to an old
> Intel 386?

A friend of mine has done it on a 386SX with 8 MB RAM, I think, 16 or 20 Mhz.
It took 8 hours. When I had a 386DX33 with 16 MB RAM, it took me about 1 hour.
Both machines worked on local SCSI hard disks connected to an Adaptec 1542b 
controller (the fastest what you get for an ISA machine, max. about 2 MB/s). 
The difference between the machines seems to have resulted from the RAM.

I have a Whitechapel Hitech-10 with a R2000/16Mhz and 8 MB RAM.
The usual benchmarks show a performance a bit worse than a SparcStation 2
or a 486/33. But if I'll ever manage to get Linux running on this box?-)

Ciao, Matthias
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