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Re: Hmmm... is linux-mips still alive?

Subject: Re: Hmmm... is linux-mips still alive?
From: Mitchell Blank Jr <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 21:14:49 -0600
In-reply-to: <>; from Erik Inge Bolso on Tue, Jan 26, 1999 at 02:47:19AM +0100
References: <>
Erik Inge Bolso wrote:
> I have an ancient MIPS machine standing around collecting dust here at
> school. It's called a VAXserver 3100,

As someone already pointed out this is not a MIPS, it is a VAX.  Even
cooler, imo, but alas the linux/vax project seems to have run out of
steam for the moment.

The '3100' designation is used for a whole series of machines (DEC liked
that unmber alot, I guess).  If it's labeled as a "VAXserver" (as opposed
to MicroVAX) that would make it either a KA41-B or KA41-E.  You can run
NetBSD on either of those two:

> is probably even slower than the
> 386-25

I think so.  It's goingto have an (original) SpecInt score of about 3.
I don't know what the 386 was off the top of my head but I'd guess a
386-25 was probably more like 5 or so.  So basically it's like a slow
386, but with SCSI and ethernet :-)

> Another, similar machine (a DECstation 3100) is acting as backup webserver
> and nothing much besides a little experimenting. It runs NetBSD/pmax.

Well, you can try the latest Linux DECstation kernels (just stay tuned
to this mailing list, there's new developments all the time).  It's
not nearly to the point that NetBSD/pmax or OpenBSD/pmax are yet, but
it's looking good (and the Linux/MIPS userland stuff is in good shape,
so once the kernel is solid, the whole system shouldn't be too far off)

> Should I just give up and get a life? :)

Certainly not!  :-)  I'd say play with netbsd on the VAXstation and
linux on the DECstation.


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