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MOP loading

Subject: MOP loading
From: Mat Kovach <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 1999 17:36:12 -0500
I playing around with a DECstation 5000/240 with some limited success. I have
had limited success with the decstation kernel with my main problem being
that it has the boot prom that doesn't like to tftp boot so I have been 
trying the MOP loader, anybody else using it?

I notice two things.

 * The MOP loader needs to be updated if you plan to use 2.1.X or 2.2.X.  I
   sent a message to the maintainer to see if it was going to be updated but
   haven't recieved a reply as of yet.  Doesn't look appear to hard to 
   move it to the new kernel, anybody interested in this?  I'm working on
   doing it now just trying to see a need or desire for it.

 * Is anybody booting the decstation kernel from the local hard drive with
   any reasonable amount of success?  I made a few attemps with out much


Mat Kovach
I come not to bash Microsoft, but to kill it

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