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need help on compiler

To: mips <>
Subject: need help on compiler
From: Uwe Holz <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 11:11:28 +0100
hi there,

i´m trying to compile the gcc on my MIPS Magnum 3000 running a
fragmented installation of RISCos 4_52.
due to the fact, that there is no cc available on my system i have hard
i need a binary of gcc or the original cc. please provide me via email
with an installation package or any other halp.


PS: if one wants to compile a version: i´m running on R3000A (i think
this is big endian).
Uwe Holz (Systemadministration)
RWTH-Aachen Energie- und Stofftransport (heat and mass transfer)
VZN303, Kopernikusstr. 16, 52056 Aachen
Phone +49-241-805946

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