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Help with dead Indy powersupplies...

To: Linux MIPS mailing list <>
Subject: Help with dead Indy powersupplies...
From: "Paul M. Antoine" <>
Date: Sat, 09 Jan 1999 15:45:29 +1100
Organization: Millennium Engineering Pty Ltd
Hi folks,

I have managed to pick up a couple of very cheap Indys ($US125), but
find that
the powersupplies have died (this is a very common fault with Indys from
I've seen of stories from the 'net).  SGI Australia is claiming that
they can
give me new ones for $US520 (powersupplies are not repaired as they are
considered "consumables"!!).

I could fix it if I had the schematic (and may be able to anyway, but
like to get some help if I can :-), and I was wondering if anyone on the
would be able to help with one of:

        a schematic for the Nidec/Power General PSU for the Indy

        a contact in SGI and/or Power General who could get me the schematic

        a couple of cheap PSU replacements - perhaps used ones in otherwise
        dead Indy's, or a remarketeer that has them, etc.

Of some help has been a company in California called B&B Solutions, who
sell me one for $US295, plus freight etc. (which ends up some $US150
than SGI Australia once I get it here).  I have tried Nidec/Power
General and
got the following response:

> This power supply, designed and manufactured exclusively for the Silicon
> Graphics Indy series,  is no longer produced or supported by Power
> General.  SGI is your best source for repair or replacement.
> Proprietary design schematics and materials lists are unavailable.
> Charlie W

Any help would be much appreciated.

Paul M. Antoine                                 Millennium Engineering
Pty Ltd
email:                              Phone: +61 2
9560 7331
large files:                Fax:   +61 2
9560 8708

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