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EGCS for breakfast?

Subject: EGCS for breakfast?
From: Ryan Rafferty <>
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1999 02:32:59 -0500 (EST)
In-reply-to: <>
Reply-to: Ryan Rafferty <>
I have been banging around on the EGCS 1.1.1 release, trying to get it to
do mipsel-linux, but it refuses.  I noticed the egcs ports on fnet are a
bit crusty; has anyone tried to get the latest release to work?

On a related item, binutils 2.9.1 compiles like a charm for the
mipsel-linux target, but looks can be deceiving.

My build/host platform is i686-unknown-linux-gnu with
mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu as the target.

Ryan Rafferty

off to the egcs sources... *yawn* in the morning, that is...

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