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Deskstation Tyne servers & Linux MIPS

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Subject: Deskstation Tyne servers & Linux MIPS
From: "Sam Felton" <>
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 1998 17:38:07 -0800
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I am a Linux newbie but a UNIX old-bie (or whatever you call a veteran).

I have a Deskstation Tyne server box and it currently runs Windows NT 4 SP1 
(the last actual version of NT that it can ever run - Micro$oft has dumped this 
processor along with almost all the others NT used to support). Many of us MIPS 
owners were very pissed that this happened, but now we're stuck with a 
non-supported OS.

Which leads me to my question. I see at your website that you are having 
problems with the Tyne port. The first time I heard about this port was more 
than two years ago, so it must have been stalled for quite some time. Could you 
elaborate as to what problems you are having, and if there's any way I could 
help. I would love to get this machine off NT and onto Linux as soon as I 
could, and if I could help get this port going I would gladly do so.

Please let me know how I might help.

Sam Felton

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