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Help... Linux on MIPS.

Subject: Help... Linux on MIPS.
From: "Anand Natarajasundaram" <>
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 20:26:16 PST

        I  have a R5000 Compact PCI board. I intend to do a Linux port  on it.  
I have downloaded Linux-2.1.36. 
        Most of the MIPS machine except DECstations use the ARC firmware.  I 
have a  firmware running  on my  board.  I plan to use it to boot Linux.  

I have some queries :

1)      How is the boot sequence from Power On to  'kernel_entry' happens on 
a DECstation or Indy Box ?

2)      It seems Linux uses the ARCS PROMBLOCK structure for ROM
facilities. Is this the only info needed for interfacing the firmware
with Linux ? What are the issues required to handle while interfacing  
Linux with a firware.

3) Is there a clear document describing these issues ?


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