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Re: N64 Mips Linux Port

Subject: Re: N64 Mips Linux Port
From: Eric Jorgensen <>
Date: Sun, 13 Dec 1998 12:08:05 -0700
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> >       As i understand it, the bulk of the actual design was performed by 
> > SGI.
> > thus leading to Nintendo's current dilemma of producing a machine for
> > which they are nolonger in close contact with the development team. SGI
> > decided they weren't interested in selling video games.
> >
> >       I've heard this problem has mostly manifested itself as a lack of
> > needed improvments to the development system. Which, as i understand it,
> > is an add-in board and some software for an Indy.
> Sounds almost like a marketing plan for Linux to them :-)

        Well, there's some interesting dynamics that would have to be dealt
with. Although SGI designed it, and would probably be helpful in making
Linux happen on it, I believe Nintendo owns it outright. 

        And nintendo is a weird sorta company. Andressen of Netscape and the
head of Nintendo America used to be fairly good friends. Not long after
the SuperNintendo hit the market, Andressen approached Nintendo with a
prototype SNES cartrige that had a stripped down version of Netscape
Navigator on it, and suggested that if a modem could be built for the
SNES, and their browser produced for it, it could essentially be a
set-top internet browser. Something that at the time did not exist. 

        the Nintendo officials were apparantly so offended by this suggestion
that they are nolonger on good terms with Netscape. At this point, they
may regret that decision due to the market share they are losing to Sony
- I mean, look at all the money the WebTV folks are making. but at the
time they were certian that the SNES in america should be a game console
and nothing more. 

 - Eric

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