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Milo compile problem

Subject: Milo compile problem
From: Aleksandr Konstantinov <>
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 12:45:51 -0800 (PST)


 He me back again.

 I posted my question to this list some time again.

>     I have got here SNI RM200 with ISA bus ...

 Unsuccessfully I have only occasional access to 
 that i486 Linux box. So it took me long to implement 
 Ralf's directions.
   I tired to compile Milo again and gradually 

  There were problems with mips_io_port_base, that is
declared export everywhere in milo and kernel sources.
So I had to comment out all descstation_tyne code.
(Was it right ? )
  elf2ecoff is probably not supposed to convert big 
endian files when running on little endian system. I'm
going to patch it, but would want to know if I'm not
inventing bicycle.
  Instead of using elf2ecoff I tried to run ld for
generating ecoff but got strange errors (sorry, I 
forgot to take error snapshots) - it sais one line
in some *.S is bad (there is nop at that line) and 
finishes with segmentaion fault. Is it problem of
libraries or ld?
  Current kernel code from is
 assuming _LANGUAGE_C and _LANGUAGE_ASSEMBLY to be
 set, but compiler I'm using doesn't set them. Does 
 it mean it's outdated?
(compiler mips-gcc 2.7.2-3 and  binutils  2.7-3)

  Sorry for such newbie questions. But I'm realy
 newbie with Linux.
   Thanks for any help.

        Aleksandr Konstantinov

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