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RE: RedHat 5.2 on Cobalt Qube/RAQ

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Subject: RE: RedHat 5.2 on Cobalt Qube/RAQ
From: "Michael F. March" <>
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 11:34:47 -0700
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Having a 100baseTX port on the Qube would STILL be helpful. Having that
speed when you are a NFS client is just as helpful as if you are server.

>       Well, it'd be nice if they could put a 100baseTX port on it, it
> wouldn't cost that much more. But the problem here isn't technology,
> it's terminology. 
>       Right now, the Qube and the Raq are classifying themselves as
> "microservers". And their target MSRP is pretty impressive. 
>       But whenever you upgrade something to the point where you can start
> calling it a "server" - then managment decides to double the price tag. 
>       If you attached a RAID array, it'd definately start being a server. 

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