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Re: Linux/MIPS

Subject: Re: Linux/MIPS
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 23:06:43 -0700
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In message <> "Michael
Harmon" writes: 
: This may be a dump question but, is there a way to run linux on
: a Palmtop PC that is now running Windows CE. It has a "MIPS 
: R4000" processor with 8 MB RAM.

Not currently....  And it has a NEC Vr4111 inside of it, likely with
the companion Vrc4711 PCMCIA/compact flash card bridge....

: The machine is a CASIO Cassiopeia. 
: I don't know how you would do "keyboard" input on it. Developing 
: handwriting recognition software would sound like a big job.

The Cassiopeia has a Vr4111 in it.  You can get the docs for this chip
fairly easily.  There are many ways to do the keyboard, including
using the serial lines.

However, the biggest problem with rununing Linux (or FreeBSD for that
matter) is that WinCE is in mask programmable roms.  This means that
you'd need some kind of bootstrap process that would take WinCE out of
the picture.  This can be hard to do, especially if you want to
survive a reset (since the reset vectors are in ROM).

I've been looking into building a custom FLASH card that has 4M-8M of
FLASH memory, but that is going to be hard.

If you have the WinCE development kit, I'd be interested to make
contact with you.  Especially if you can produce WinCE binaries.  I've
been porting egcs to produce PE formatted executables, based on a port
I've found on the net whose author doesn't answer my email.
Alternatively, can someone point me at the differences between normal
PE files and the ones generated for WinCE machines?  I've not been
able to find anything on the MS web site.  Their PE files from the
inside out is interesting, but predates WinCE.

When I can get a 12M one for $100 I'll likely start targetting this
box.  However, for now I'm sticking with my NEC MobilePro 450 (4M RAM
up to 8M ROM).


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