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current status of project

Subject: current status of project
From: Rudi Mathijssen <>
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 1998 22:41:45 +0100
Organization: Stichting IRIS
Curious if the Linux MIPS/3000 project is still alive.

Last summer, I tried to get MySQL to run on a DecStation 5000/260.
It currently runs Ultrix 4.3a, which some people at Dec used to
call an OS. This particular machine has been used daily by up to
25 people running a heavy Ingres 6.4 application, so I was curious
how its performance compares to a compaq 4/66 I use at home.
Well, it does "run" now, but you have to replace about everything except
vmunix itself by GNU versions (gcc, gmake, gtar, ...). Compiling perl
(which is neccesary for the MySQL benchmarks) is terrible because
Ultrix has no shared libraries so all modules must be linked 
statically. By "run" I mean it doesn't really because of synchroni-
sation problems in the ultrix open() call (!@#), which means heavy 
patching in the MySQL code. Well, no thanks.
The route ahead is to install a more modern type of unix.
When this machine breaks down, it's the end because I expect it
may be hard, if not impossible, to acquire spare parts. Therefore
I don't want to spend money on an OS license, which makes Linux
the obvious choice. 


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