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Re: Cobalt Qube / Egcs?

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Subject: Re: Cobalt Qube / Egcs?
From: "Prasad Nuli" <>
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 09:41:34 -0500
    You said Cobalt Qube uses a Nevada Mips Processor. I am faimiliar with
MIPS but, I have not heard of Nevada Mips at all. Which company makes the
processor ?.

Prasad Nuli
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From: Greg <>
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Date: Friday, November 13, 1998 3:58 PM
Subject: Cobalt Qube / Egcs?

>Hello all,
> I'm attempting to do some development on the Cobalt Qube by Cobalt
>Microserver. It is based on a tiny Nevada Mips processor running at 150
>Mhz. The goal of my Linux User's Group is to get as much of RedHat 5.2
>rebuilt on this architecture as possible and place the rebuilt RPM's on
>our public Mipsel archive located at
> I'm running into a variety of RPM's that will not build without a
>working egcs on the Mipsel architecture. I've tried a couple of times to
>build egcs on the box to no avail. By nature, I'm not a programming
>wizard, but when the need comes I'll hack together a solution to meet my
> In this case, I really would like to get Egcs to build on this
>thing so that I can begin the process of getting the REST of the packages
>ported over. We have this eventual dream of running an X server on the
>machine and connecting a bunch of X-terms to it.
>So.. can anyone provide me with some information on getting Egcs to build
>on a Mipsel? :)

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