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Subject: info
From: "Prasad Nuli" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 21:22:56 -0500
Please, send me more info on the ports. I am interested in porting to NEC Image Risc Station machine. I think it should be similar to ACER machine, as this machine is made by acer to NEC on an oem basis.
Where can I get the port that is done for ACER Mips. Is there any documentation on it ?
How can you help me ?. I am one of the team members built these machines for the use of Windows NT. As Microsoft and NEC dropped the support for this platform I have decided to port linux to this platform by my self.
    I bought several of these machines and I lost lot of money. I am hoping to Linux and breathe some life into these machines.
I can use your help. I can be reached at or
Prasad Nuli
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