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ld error while building glibc-2.0.6

Subject: ld error while building glibc-2.0.6
From: (Hua Wen)
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 16:28:30 -0800

While we're trying to cross-compile glibc-2.0.6 for mipsel-linux target, we got 
this error message:

".../mipsel-mips-linux/bin/ld: .../glibc/mipsel-linux/db/makedb: Not enough 
room for program headers (allocated 3, need 4) "

Can anybody please give some hints on why this is happening and how to
solve it?  

Thanks in advance!


BTW, the host machine that we're working on is sparc-sunos5. We built 
cross-dev tools (such as binutils2.9, egcs-1.0.2)  on our sun workstation
and are using these tools to compile glibc-2.0.6. 

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