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glibc, binutils & egcs

Subject: glibc, binutils & egcs
Date: Sat, 7 Nov 1998 04:18:12 +0100
Hi all,

attached are first versions of patches to make binutils
from HJL as available in Redhat's rpm.  These binutils are required
to compile glibc 2.1 with versioning.  Also attached is a first crude
version of patches for glibc 2.0.99.  I haven't tested them yet on any
machine, so these patches are really for hackers only.

Rebuilding glibc triggers a pile of bugs in these binutils and egcs.
Egcs dumps core when compiling nss/nsswitch.c with -O2 or better.
For now the glibc patch has a small hack in sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/-
mips/Makefile which reduces optimzation to -O1 for this file.
Binutils emit a large number of messages when rebuilding glibc, among
them some ``Symbol type of symbol foo has changed from x to y''
messages and a large pile of assertions.  You'll need a water cooled
/dev/null device.  I'd appreciate I'd anybody could take a look at
the binutils and egcs problems while I'm continuing on glibc itself.


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