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Re: MIPS R3230?

Subject: Re: MIPS R3230?
From: Eric Jorgensen <>
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 16:59:22 -0700
References: <>
Warner Losh wrote:
> I've seen lots of traffic about people asking for various MIPS
> systems.  Today, I saved a R3230 from an ignoble fate in a
> dumpster...  It is running RISC/OS 4.52B (or was that 4.50B) and has
> the source to all the driver on the disk....  I also have the boot
> tapes and 3' of documentation.
> Has anybody actually tried to get Linux working on this machine?

        I also have one of these things. That's 4.52B alright. The version on
mine is refered to as "4.52+" I think. It is considered the last stable
MIPS co release. 

        Tho the source is all there, there's some question as to how much it
could be used. While MIPS nolonger maintains RISCos, Controll Data Corp.
still maintains their own OEM version of it, which they refer to as
"EP/IX". Controll Data sold several Mips systems relabled as their own
and still has a lot of customers using RC3240's and similar boxes.

        However, I hardly think MIPS or CDC would complain if the source was
ogled a bit in the process of writing Linux drivers. 

 - Eric

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