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Re: (fwd) Urgently needed: DECstation, MIPS-based (pmax)

Subject: Re: (fwd) Urgently needed: DECstation, MIPS-based (pmax)
From: Steven Lembark <>
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 02:42:40 -0600
Organization: Workhorse Computing
References: <>
> I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area, and my DECstation 3100 just bit the
> dust. I need this machine, and I'm willing to pay a premium for a
> replacement. I don't need a monitor, disk, or RAM, just the CPU. Any
> model in the DECstation line will do, from the 2100 all the way up to
> the 5000/240. No Alphas please. I'll pay whatever you want if you

if you still need the machine i can forward the address of
one gent at Queen's College in Canada.  they were dumping a 
fair bit of hardware this summer and [i think?] had some 
leftover, stripped down 3100's left.  very good prices
(basically a few bucks over shipping).

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