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Porting Linux to my 79S361 MIPS board

Subject: Porting Linux to my 79S361 MIPS board
From: Bert Morrien <>
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 18:10:45 -0700
Organization: b&d enterprises
Dear sirs

I've a 79S361 Evaluation board from IDT, based upon the
IDT RC36100 RISController.

RC36100 on-chip features:
- CPU core with MIPS-I Instruction Set Architecture
  (binary compatible with RC3000 / RC4000 family)
- System Control Co-Processor, manages exception handling operations
  and virtual-to-physical address memory mapping
- Clock Generator Unit
- 4 KB instruction cache
- 1 KB data cache
- Bus Interface Unit
- Memory Controller
- DRAM Controller
- I/O Controller
- DMA Control and Interface
- Counter/Timers
- PIO Interface
- Serial Communications Controller,  dual port,  supporting RS-232C,
  LocalTalk, SDLC and HDLC.
- Interrupt Controller
- IEE1248 Bidirectional Centronics parallel port

Additional 79S361 Evaluation board features:
- Interleaved DRAM
- Flash EPROM
- Ethernet port

My questions are:

1. Is Linux suitable for embedded (unatended) applications, especially
   where communication protocol stacks are needed?
2. Could Linux run on a system with capabilities such as the mentioned
   79S361 Evaluation board, without disk storage but with sufficient
   RAM and Flash memory?
3. Can I contribute in some way by porting Linux to my 79S361 board?
4. What would be a good starting point for such a port?
   Maybe an existing MIPS R4x00 port?

I am a retired senior SW engineer, have experience with design and
implementation of OS and communication SW.
My last professional job was the design of SW for DECT cordless
In the gray past I have implemented UNIX (System V) device drivers,
but I am hardly familiar with the Linux kernel.
I've installed the GCC 2.7.2 cross-compiler on my Linux system, but I
do not yet have a working C library.

Best regards

Bert Morrien

Bert Morrien            _/-+      +-\_
Fazantenhof 132
3755 EK Eemnes
Tel.: +31 35 5389293    _/-+ +-\_

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