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Re: Porting Linux to my 79S361 MIPS board

Subject: Re: Porting Linux to my 79S361 MIPS board
From: Eric Jorgensen <>
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 14:07:54 -0600
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Dominic Sweetman wrote:
> Bert,
> > I've a 79S361 Evaluation board from IDT, based upon the
> > IDT RC36100 RISController.
> > ...
> > 2. Could Linux run on a system with capabilities such as the mentioned
> >    79S361 Evaluation board, without disk storage but with sufficient
> >    RAM and Flash memory?
> The 36100 CPU has no memory management hardware, which makes it
> unsuitable for linux/MIPS.

        The ELKS project has done some work on systems that lack MMU hardware,
but I don't believe they've even touched MIPS. This is to say that it's
plausible, but inadvisable. And probably much more trouble than it's

 - Eric

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