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To: "''" <>
Subject: VMLINUX for MIPS
From: Dave Smith <>
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 12:45:08 -0700
        Please excuse this extremely "new user" question.  I read through
the HOWTO for creating a floppy disk with MILO and VMLINUX on it, but the
instructions don't indicate where to find the VMLINUX image.  I downloaded
MILO 0.27 and I also downloaded the 2.1.36 kernel distribution, but the
distribution didn't include a binary image and I don't have the compiler
tools to rebuild the kernel image.  Am I going to need to download and
configure the cross compiler just to build the VMLINUX image so that I can
boot from floppy?  I do not have any other Linux system available right now.
        If it's available, could you please point me to a binary image of
VMLINUX for an NEC RISCServer 4200?  If the image is actually available in
the kernel distribution I downloaded, please just tell me where I can find

Thank You,

Dave Smith
Future Linux Mips User

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