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Re: Unsuccesful trying to run Linux on RM200

Subject: Re: Unsuccesful trying to run Linux on RM200
From: Michael Engel <>
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 14:27:05 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Aleksandr Konstantinov" at Oct 5, 98 05:11:45 am

> ---Michael Engel <> wrote:
>      Thank for answer Michael.

You're welcome ...

> > >  We have RM200 box with broken SINIX in it.
> > Just out of interest - is this a RM200 with ISA slots or the newer
> > RM200C PCI-based machine ?
>   It is old ISA machine.

OK ... Ralf has the newer PCI-based RM200C, I own three of the older ISA/
VLB based systems. I managed to get Linux running on a RM200 ISA - currently 
with an IDE controller and NE2000 ethernet in the two ISA slots. I'm still 
working on getting the onboard NCR53C710 SCSI and intel 82586 ethernet to run.
The port is still not quite usable, I'm afraid ...

>   And what  are other problems? 

Mostly lack of support for onboard SCSI and ethernet so far. I also
experienced file system corruption with Linux 2.1.99 on my RM200 but
this may also be related to the old IDE disk I am using ...

>  Maybe someone having RM200 could share sinix_to_nt
> (is it possible or it should be unique? )

Sorry, I don't have it :-(. I currently have three RM200s here - two
with ARC/NT firmware and one with the big endian SINIX firmware. The 
SINIX machine has one of these Quantum 1 GB hard disks with stiction 
problem, so I can't get SINIX to boot reliably :-(.

Over the weekend I started to hack on a standalone fdisk/mke2fs tool for
the RM200 based on MILO sources. As Ralf and Thomas decided that MILO is 
dead now I'm interested what the new bootloader will look like ...


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