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DECstation-Linux is dead, long live Linux-R3000!

Subject: DECstation-Linux is dead, long live Linux-R3000!
From: Harald Koerfgen <>
Date: Sun, 04 Oct 1998 21:23:21 +0200 (MEST)
Organization: none
Reply-to: "Harald Koerfgen" <>
Hi all,

while writing this I am uploading linux-2.1.121-r3000-pre1.tgz to Changes:

o Merging with the latest and greatest Linux/MIPS source tree.

o The DECstation people and the Baget people aren't alone anymore. This is
phase 2 of the merging of Gleb's and Vladmir's and my code and includes all the
Baget stuff. The subject says it all.

o I have implemented a routine to write back the contents of the R3000's
writeback buffer for the different DECstations. The spurious interrupts are
gone! This may be very important for every device driver developer.

o I fixed an ancient bug in the R3000 implementation of xchg() (took me quite
some time to track this down :-(). This bug had the consequence that queued
tasks were never executed. This might explain a few oddities we have experienced
in the past, which includes the strange freeze with my hello world program and
Florian Lohoff's problems with down(&sem). Florian, you may want to try your
PMAZ-AA driver with 2.1.121. Gleb and Vladimir, the bottom_halves are working

o With the above changes my DS5000/133 goes single user! (Unfortunately my
DS5000/240 does not, the serial device driver still needs some polishing :-().
Feedbacks from other machines are welcome.

I called this source tree pre1 because IMHO we have a candidate here which
might be checked into the main Linux/MIPS repository, but I'd like to have a
few things worked out and cleaned up before considering this honestly (and Ralf
has to give his okay, obviously).

BTW, I have changed linux-2.1.121-r3000 so that it still can be compiled with
gcc-2.7.2. The original Linux/MIPS-2.1.121 has been changed to be compiled with
ecgs-1.0.2. I'll investigate using the ecgs comiler because I think that this
will become the official Linux/MIPS compiler. Ralf, any comments on that?

Have fun.

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