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Wheee - Magnum 4000PC-50 almost on-line, I think. the hardware atleast .

Subject: Wheee - Magnum 4000PC-50 almost on-line, I think. the hardware atleast . .
From: Eric Jorgensen <>
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 21:59:31 -0600
Well I found a deal on full parity 4 meg simms, and filled each and
every simm socket of my Magnum with a 12-chip 4 meg simm. Half of them
with Kingston simms no less. 

        I don't have a monitor that works with this thing (yet). I have a Sun
monitor that may work if I adapt the cable, but I'm not yet certian. 

        If I remember right, when the prom LED blinks out various letters and
numbers and goes blank, that's considered a successful POST. If that's
the case, I'm more or less in business. 

        I was hoping that I could run this beast with a serial console, since
I'd like to eventually use it as a dedicated MP3 player. Or atleast
that's more or less what I'm figuring. 

        Can someone verify that this is a successful POST?

        Also, does anyone know for sure if this system classicly has problems
with gold-pinned simms? Half of the simms I have are gold, the other
half are tin. I know as a general rule you should match gold simms to
gold slots, and that the slots on this motherboard are not gold.
However, I have not personally ever experienced ill effects from the use
of gold simms in tin slots, or ill effects from mixing gold and tin
simms. I actually used one gold and one tin 16-meg simms together for
the past 3 years in various motherboards, and I've never experienced
system instability due to it. So, I'd like to hear any comments anyone
here has on the particulars of this system with gold simms. 

        Also, I've thought long and hard about storage options, and while I'm a
big fan of SCSI drives (All I use in my Linux/Intel system), I aint
rich. Does anybody know if I could get away with a small scsi drive as
the root partition and an IDE drive on an isa controller as the /usr
partition? If I do end up using this machine as an MP3 stereo component,
I'll want lots of local storage, and when I can get a 6.4gb ide drive
for $145, that's pretty appealing when compared to $475 for a 4.3gb scsi
drive (new atleast). 

        As an aside, if anyone out there could tell me for sure if my
Sun-branded Sony GDM-1662b really does require composite sync, it'd be
nice to know before I start hacking away at an SGI to Sun video cable.
(Same connector, violently different pin assignments)

        I ask because I know that not all Sun framebuffers use a composite
sync, and while I know how to build the circuit to convert the
individual sync signals to composite or sync-on-green, it'd be nice if I
didn't have to. 

        Anyway, thanks. 

 - Eric

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