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Re: CE revisited

Subject: Re: CE revisited
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 09:05:55 -0600
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In message <> James Douma writes:
: The pdQ can be seen at  This is, of course,
: a very different product from a devlopment standpoint since its
: basically a PalmPilot (based on the Motorola dragonball processor (CPU32
: - more or less a 68020 core).  It is probably not a good topic for the
: MIPS mailing list.

Ah.  OK.  Given what I know about their embedded systems, this doesn't
surprise me at all.

: Is it really that easy to move Linux from one MIPS platform (like the
: 3900) to another (like the 4111)?  I found that I quickly got in over my
: head while moving kernel code from a MIPS II part to a MIPS III part -
: mainly because of the subtlety of good cache management and proper use
: of the memory manager.

The answer is "depends".  the Vr4101 -> Vr4111 is basically a slam
dunk, modulo the LCD interface and a could of other nits around the
edges (like power management wakeup fatures).  The cache is larger on
the Vr4111, but for the most part the two user's manual read nearly
the same.

I've not looked at the R3990 parts from Philips.  I suspect that they
will be similar to either the DECstation port, or the arc series of
machines.  This move would be harder than the 4101 -> 4111.  I'm
hoping to later pick up a 4111 based machine when the new ones come
out and those are cheaper.


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