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Re: CE revisited

Subject: Re: CE revisited
From: James Douma <>
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 07:55:02 +0000
Organization: IVS, Inc
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Warner Losh wrote:
> Do you have a pointer for that qualcomm thing?
> Warner

The pdQ can be seen at  This is, of course,
a very different product from a devlopment standpoint since its
basically a PalmPilot (based on the Motorola dragonball processor (CPU32
- more or less a 68020 core).  It is probably not a good topic for the
MIPS mailing list.

OTOH - this product has a fair shot at taking the world by storm by
integrating the most popular handheld computer with the fastest growing
cellular/PCS base in the United States.  Getting Linux onto it would
have some very exciting possibilities.


Is it really that easy to move Linux from one MIPS platform (like the
3900) to another (like the 4111)?  I found that I quickly got in over my
head while moving kernel code from a MIPS II part to a MIPS III part -
mainly because of the subtlety of good cache management and proper use
of the memory manager.

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