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Linux/MIPS: efs support

Subject: Linux/MIPS: efs support
From: Andreas Neuper <>
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 01:18:12 +0200
Organization: Antaris Informationssysteme GmbH

sorry for asking,  but I did not read on Your page,
whether the IRIX efs is supported now.  I didn't
read a  ~fs/subdirectory in the 2.1.122 i386 kernel that
made me expecting it.  If I am wrong stop reading
and tell me, please (maybe I looked in the wrong place).

I have a tiny difficulty:  My Indy has a disk pack,
that is sometimes connected to it, but sometimes
connected to my i486 Linuxbox (the cd-burner).
In this "disk pack" is a DAT drive and a removable
SCSI disk (and some more). This disk maybe
replaced by other disks (same mounting frame).
Unfortunately some of my disks are "ext2"
and some are "efs".  Needless to say,
I have several of those disks frequently formatted.

I would now like to know what is on my disk,
at least reading the partition table.  I started modifying
the fdisk (last log entry 980610; in rpm util-2.6-18).
I didn't copy anything, but I read SGI's header files.

I currently do not expect to find the time writing
the fs drivers, but maybe I am able to write a partitioner.

Now my questions:
1. Is legal what I do?
2. May I go public with this? (what conditions)
3. Is there already someone working on this?
4. How to submit my contributions?

I would like to hear from You

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