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Re: CE revisited

Subject: Re: CE revisited
From: James Douma <>
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 21:15:07 +0000
Organization: IVS, Inc
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Ugh!  Seems like a low return on investment to me.  

Why not choose a platform that has more future so that others could join
in?  (Check out Qualcomm's just announced pdQ).

Neat project though.  Good luck.

Warner Losh wrote:
> OK.  I've managed to get an older CE machine at a very good price from
> ebay.  I got a NEC MobilePro 400.  A small machine (4M ram, 4M ROM)
> with a Vr4101 in it.  The CE portion of this machine is in ROM, not
> flash.  However, there are EEPROM versions of the ROM parts (at least
> from the first reading of the NEC databook there are) with similar
> pinouts (the same where it matters).  I think I'm going to put sockets
> on the rom card and try to burn my own boot ROMs.
> I know that I had maintained in this forum that they were FLASH.  I
> wanted to point out to whomever I had argued with that he's right, at
> least for this model.
> Bootstrapping is going to be hell.  I think I'll go the flashfs on a
> pcmcia flash card route after writing a minimal boot loader.  But the
> exception routines may pose a bit of a problem...
> I don't expect to have much progress on this front for a long time,
> since I have 5 other projects I'm working on and this one has a large,
> up front PITA to contend with...
> Warner

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