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CE revisited

To: Linux/MIPS Mailing List <>
Subject: CE revisited
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 00:26:47 -0600
OK.  I've managed to get an older CE machine at a very good price from
ebay.  I got a NEC MobilePro 400.  A small machine (4M ram, 4M ROM)
with a Vr4101 in it.  The CE portion of this machine is in ROM, not
flash.  However, there are EEPROM versions of the ROM parts (at least
from the first reading of the NEC databook there are) with similar
pinouts (the same where it matters).  I think I'm going to put sockets
on the rom card and try to burn my own boot ROMs.

I know that I had maintained in this forum that they were FLASH.  I
wanted to point out to whomever I had argued with that he's right, at
least for this model.

Bootstrapping is going to be hell.  I think I'll go the flashfs on a
pcmcia flash card route after writing a minimal boot loader.  But the
exception routines may pose a bit of a problem...

I don't expect to have much progress on this front for a long time,
since I have 5 other projects I'm working on and this one has a large,
up front PITA to contend with...


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