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DECstation (mips) Linux port status

Subject: DECstation (mips) Linux port status
From: Marc Evans <>
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998 15:39:01 -0400
Hello -

I am thinking about breathing some life into a pile (yes, literally, a pile
of 8) DECstation systems I have here. As I look that the various WWW pages,
it seems that linux-mips for the DECstation systems stopped being developed
back in mid 1997. Am I mistaken?

In your opinion, since I am not married to any particular OS, if my goal
was to be a participant in whichever of OpenBSD, NetBSD, or Linux, that
is the most active in supporting the DECstation systems, where would you
suggest that I focus (yes, I realize readers of this are likely biased).

Thanks in advance - Marc
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