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DECy FAQ part

Subject: DECy FAQ part
From: Richard van den Berg <>
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 12:36:16 +0200 (MET DST)
Halo MIPS'ers,

I've attached a proposal for the DECstation part of the Linux-MIPS FAQ.


2.1.9. DECstation series

Support for DECstations is under development, started by Paul M. Antoine,
these days most of the work is done by Harald Koerfgen and others. On the
Internet DECstation related information can be found at Intention is to support all the different
flavours of DECstations that exist.

These are the DECstation models we know about:
2100, codename PMAX
3100, Is identical to the 2100 except the R2000A/R2010A @ 16 MHz
5000/xx (Personal DECstation), codename MAXine
5000/1xx, codename 3MIN
5000/200, codename 3MAX
5000/2x0, codename 3MAX+
5100, codename MIPSMATE

The 2100 has a R2000A/R2010A processor at 12 MHz, the 5000/240 a R3040
processor at 40 MHz (what has a 5k/260 ?) and the 5100 a R3000A processor
at 20 MHz. The other mentioned 5000's have R3000A/R3010A processor at
20, 25 or 33 MHz. The MAXine and the 3MIN have the processor and cache
on a separate daughterboard that can be exchanged for a R4000 processor
at 50 MHz.

At the moment of this writing serial and ethernet device drivers for
the on-board IC's are being developed.
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