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Re: Mips Linux

Subject: Re: Mips Linux
From: Eric Jorgensen <>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 16:53:04 -0600 (MDT)
In-reply-to: <> from "Dan Baker" at Aug 24, 98 03:21:14 pm
> You asked for e-mail if I have a MIPS box I would be interested in
> running Linux on. I am buying an SGI Iris Indigo (R3000) that has Irix
> 5.1 installed. I looked at SGI to see what an upgrade to 5.3 would cost.
> it would cost more than I'm paying for the computer, and wouldn't even
> include a compiler! 
> I'm not a programmer, but I am a UNIX support person. I have been using
> and supporting (fixing) UNIX systems for years. I currently work for a
> telecomm company supporting software on HP 9000 systems. The extent of
> my programming experience is building new kernels for BSD and Solaris
> systems.

        Wow! That was, like, almost two years ago.

        There is actually an SGI-Linux project well underway. You can read
about the linux-MIPS project at and
SGI/Linux at I'm not sure if the old Iris Indigo is
among their target machines, but I know that there's some working R3k
Linux-MIPS kernels. The port to ARC compliant hardware is more or less
done. Thus, I'm soon to install Linux on my Magnum 4000. Support for my
RC3240 should show up before long, and I'm not sure if I care about the
RS2030. 16Mhz R2000 can't be fast enough to worry about. If I find a copy
of RISC/os for it I'll be happy. 

        You might want to join the Linux-MIPS mailing list and see if
anyone out there is already working on Iris support. The web page can be
somewhat outdated. 

 - Eric

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