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RE: Scheduler/calender for Linux (MIPS)

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Subject: RE: Scheduler/calender for Linux (MIPS)
From: Paul Mauriks <>
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 09:18:03 +1000
Not compiled for the MIPS chip - but a good calendar program I've found
for Linux is the one at - I think it's called synchronize. My experience
with the staff there has 
been almost one of amazement. They are really service oriented.
Syncronize supports most 
UNIX machines as server and client, and it supports Windoze as a client.
It can be run stand alone if required.
Calendars can be accessed as Web pages , anyway take a look. At work we
ended up going with exchange/Outlook instead - I personally think
Synchonize is better.

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> From: Jan Nielsen []
> Sent: Wednesday,19 August 1998 11:15
> To:
> Subject:      Scheduler/calender for Linux (MIPS)
> We are looking for a scheduler/calender which is compiled for MIPS
> chip.
> Technical details for the box:
> Linux 2.0 Multitasking operating system
> Apache 1.2 Web server, HTTP 1.1 -compliant
> CGI Support
> Perl 5.0 scripting
> Any hints or Tips are appriciated
> Thanks in advance
> Jan Nielsen

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