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Magnum 4000 serial console?

Subject: Magnum 4000 serial console?
From: Eric Jorgensen <>
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 11:22:13 -0600
    My Magnum does have the framebuffer installed, but I don't yet have
a fully compatible monitor. I have a monitor that should work, but
I need to make a cable. (Sun monitor that should do the same refresh and

    So, since I've never booted my Magnum, know next to nothing about
it's background, and haven't spent the money on a 13W3 connector to
complete the cable I'm building, I'm wondering if I can boot this thing
with a serial console to see if it works. It would be disappointing to
go to all the trouble to get the video working just to find it doesn't
work at all. I did only spend $5 on it, although the $10 Dell system
I bought the same day from the same surplus sale works fine.

    Also, if it's as good at MP3 decoding as some say it should be once
the sound hardware works, i may end up sticking it in my stereo system
and just using it for that. A man can only use so many consoles at once,
and with my current network at 4 consoles plus one xterminal and one
serial terminal, it's a bit on the unnessisary side, especially if I've
found a task for it that I can controll remotely.

 - Eric

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