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Re: Philips Velo 500 as a candidate for Linux/MIPS?

Subject: Re: Philips Velo 500 as a candidate for Linux/MIPS?
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 12:55:25 -0600
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In message <> James Douma writes:
: Yes, CE has NO support for this, but I agree that the hardware might
: possibly support this.  OTOH - boot block flash is commonly used in this
: situation, and the hardware rarely supports overwriting the boot block
: portions of the flash memory.

Looking at the users' manual for the Vr4111 it shows that this is
possible.  Reading them carefully, however, shows one gotcha.  They
say that in order to write to FLASH, one must assert the Vpp voltage
on the flash chip in question by some undefined means.  They suggest
using the GPIO function of the chip, or, if that's not possible,
arranging for the Vpp signal to be applied.

I have the facilities to run a wire from one of the GPIO ports to the
Vpp pin of the flash ram at the hardware lab at work.  However, not
everyone has this option...

There isn't really a boot block flash here.  There are two banks of
memory, and two sub banks of ROM.  If it is FLASH, then either one of
them can be programmed so long as you aren't running out of that

Again, I've not yet checked the R3900 that the Velo uses yet...


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