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ISA audio in Magnum 4000pc,possibly?

Subject: ISA audio in Magnum 4000pc,possibly?
From: Eric Jorgensen <>
Date: Sun, 09 Aug 1998 13:32:04 -0600
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    I have a MIPS Magnum 4000PC-50 I'm working up to installing linux on.
I've got a few things left to work out, like a monitor.

    Anyway, I'm aware that support for the audio board in my Magnum is
still on the to-do list, so, I'm wondering if I could get away with
installing an ISA sound board in the box - is this at all possible? or is
audio in general still not quite here? I also use linux on some Sparc
systems, and audio has been slow to materialize on those boxes, so
I understand if it just isn't possible yet.

    It just seemed like the box might make an outstanding MP3 server.

    On a completely unrelated note - out of curiosity I pulled the heatsink
off the cpu in my system - Never seen a mips 4k processor before. Anyway, I
was surprised to find the word "PROTOTYPE" emblazoned acrost the chip. Is
this common? Or do I have something really cool/funky here? if anybody
wants to see, I have a digital camera here.

    Thanks much - non-coder types such as myself owe the linux dev.
community a lot of gratitude and probably a few favors.

 - Eric

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