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ethernet driver start for DECstations

Subject: ethernet driver start for DECstations
From: Richard van den Berg <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 06:35:59 +0200 (MET DST)
Hello everybody,

For the eager ones as of now declance.c and needed patch are available. 

Right now the ethernet driver is only for DECstations which has it on
board, no TURBOchannel option module yet.

All it does at the moment is showing the hardware address aka esar.

These are the changes contained in the patchfile relative to the source
base directory linux against kernelsource 2.1.99pl2:

        arch/mips/ so that the driver can be choosen

        in the directory drivers/net:

                Makefile and Space.c to make network driver list aware
                of declance.c.

                of course declance.c itself.

and a tricky one: drivers/tc/tc.c.

drivers/tc/tc.c is tricky because here is the base address determined
and that differs for DS5000/xx and the others with on board devices. If
you have an other machine than a DS5000/xx change the line

        system_base = slot0addr + slot_size * (max_tcslot + 2);


        system_base = slot0addr + slot_size * (max_tcslot + 1);

so that the base address points to the right place.

In this tc.c system_base is declared external because include'ing
tcinfo.h in declance.c breaks compiling for reasons I don't know yet,
this is just a quick hack.

This patch is available at 



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