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Deskstation Tyne Raptop R4600 134mhz system

Subject: Deskstation Tyne Raptop R4600 134mhz system
From: "Aaron Winder" <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 15:30:01 PDT
Hey hows it going guys, Just thought I'd email ya'll to find out whats 
going on with the Linux port for the mips processors.  I've had one of 
the Deskstation Tyne 4600 units for about 2 years now, and have been 
trying to get NT installed on it, got an updated bios for it and 
everything, goes through part of the NT installation then bails, I don't 
give a hell about NT just thought that Linux didn't have a mips project, 
just found out it did obviously, and thought I'd get in contact with 
ya'll , I have alittle bit of users manual information for the tyne, and 
if there's anyway that I can get an even partially working kernel on it 
I'd love it....let me know whats up...later

Aaron Winder.

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