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Re: Jazz code up to date??

Subject: Re: Jazz code up to date??
From: Thomas Bogendoerfer <>
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 11:41:51 +0200
In-reply-to: <>; from Paul M. Antoine on Sat, Jul 11, 1998 at 05:10:34PM +1000
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On Sat, Jul 11, 1998 at 05:10:34PM +1000, Paul M. Antoine wrote:
> Is it possible to compile the 2.1.99 source tree for the Jazz range?

of course it is. I'm not sure about the current CVS tree, but you
can find the kernel sources I've used to build a 2.1.99 kernel on I even uploaded my current kernel yesterday,
which includes abscon and a framebuffer driver for the g364. 

> Specifically I'm trying to build a kernel for the Magnum4000SC, and

R4000SC is still a problem. Ralf tried to fix it, but from listening
to #linux, it looks like it isn't fixed, yet. Ralf ?

> am getting the age old problems with %hi and now also the g364 video
> code doesn't compile... am I doing something silly, or has the code
> not been kept up to date?

strange, I haven't seen such problems for a long time. What cross dev
tools are you using ?

> Ideally I'd like to find a redhat 5.1 build for the Jazz... wishful
> thinking? :-)

I've compiled a lot of the RH5.1 stuff. Right now I'm compiling egcs to
get a compiler for the c++ programs. Most RPMS should be done next
week. I only have to find a faster (and cheaper) uplink as uploading 
more than 200MB over a 64kbit dialup line, isn't much fun.

The only part missing is the RH installer, but there is also a way to big
root filesystem for little endian machines on,
which should make a manual install possible. Hint: fdisk is still broken,
but cfdisk works.


See, you not only have to be a good coder to create a system like Linux,
you have to be a sneaky bastard too ;-)
                   [Linus Torvalds in <4rikft$7g5@linux.cs.Helsinki.FI>]

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