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Re: mips port

Subject: Re: mips port
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 16:28:14 -0600
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In message <005801bdabd2$0f07e760$> "mugen" writes:
: Hi, i have a NEC RISC Station 2200.  It use MIPS RISC R4400
: Processor, i was wondering if u have the port for linux.  Please
: inform me, cuz Windows NT doesn't support that Processor anymore.

Hmmm, if this is a UP system, then it should be relatively easy to
port.  A MP system will be harder, even if you want to just do a UP
implementation.  I've made the offer that if someone wants to send me
one of these I'd do what I can to get at least a UP linux booting on
the system....  I'd even send it back when I was done if I didn't have
to foot the bill for the shipment.


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