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NEC Riscservers

Subject: NEC Riscservers
From: Mark Woolston <>
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 1998 18:43:33 -0700

My name is Mark. I'm an accomplished embedded systems designer, who
(surprise, surprise) is bloody well sick of Microbrain's
we-know-what-you-need-better-than-you-do attitude. I am interested in
moving to Linux, but have very little time or resources free to play
around, so it just hasn't happened yet.

Anyway, I have a quad processor NEC MIPS machine, and several dual
processor board sets. I don't have the model numbers here,
unfortunately. These machines are currently unused, and I don't know
much about how to use them.

If there is someone in the Massachusetts area who can make use of these
to "advance the Linux cause" I would be willing to donate some or all of
the MIPS hardware in exchange for help in "converting" me to Linux.

Please email me back if this hardware can be of any help. I would love
to see it used for a good cause.


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