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Re: Compiling milo ...

Subject: Re: Compiling milo ...
From: (Michael Engel)
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 18:03:16 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <199806241324.PAA01948@jordan.numerik> from "Michael Engel" at Jun 24, 98 03:24:17 pm
[my milo 0.27 problem ...]

Sorry to follow up to my own mail ... I should do more research before
posting ;-). milo-0.27.1 from works fine for me - 
the only minor tweaking I had to do was to adapt one function parameter
from char to int to comply with some prototype the compiler insisted on ...

I added an entry for the RM200 in src/arcident.c

   * SNI RM200 ISA
  {"RM200", "RM200", "SNI RM200 ISA",
   rm200_pci_bi, (machine_func *) NULL,

which works as far as identifying the machine.

The RM200 non-PCI boots as far as calibrating delay loop with linux-2.1.56.
The machine is identified as RM300 PCI board revision C, ASIC PCI Rev. 1.0.

Great !!!

        Michael Engel   (

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