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Re: DECstation hack meeting ...

Subject: Re: DECstation hack meeting ...
From: Steven Lembark <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 22:49:21 -0500
Organization: Workhorse Computing
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Paul Antoine wrote:
> Hi gang!
> Richard van den Berg wrote:
> > Paul Antoine wrote:
> > > ...and sufficient beer, coffee, Jolt and Pizza I would expect - or
> > > do Euro-hackers use other types of consumables?
> >
> > Lately it seems that the linux mips decstation port is a german affair
> > with a tiny bit dutch. Somehow Euro is a bit sensative subject,
> Pardon my asia/pacific insensitivity to the "Euro" issue!
> > food on the other hand, well I think it is universal.
> Indeed!

as an american i can guarantee that food is not universal (otherwise
how could people eat the junk we spew out as fast food?).  beer, on
the other hand...

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