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Re: DECstation task force ... :)

Subject: Re: DECstation task force ... :)
From: Richard van den Berg <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 18:59:27 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <199806212111.XAA27518@jordan.numerik>
Hi all,

On Sun, 21 Jun 1998, Michael Engel wrote:

> Me once more ...

> you may have noticed that I set up a todo list on
> which lists the tasks that (in Harald's and my opinion) need to be done to
> get a working kernel. Additions, corrections etc. are welcome. Any 
> volunteers please drop me a line on what you'd like to do and I'll keep the
> list updated in order to avoid replicated work.

Nice changes, especially that DECstation picture. :-)

Well, now you're asking for it. First a short intro; I have no expirience
with programming in C and only very little with BASIC about 10 years
ago. I was very expirienced with my HP41 CX, a programmable calculator and
designed the hull for a yacht on it. Like Harald said "why not learning to
program by doing?" and he said it to the right person. When the DECstation
isn't booting a newly compiled kernel I used it as a diskless X terminal
with NetBSD. Going through kernel of both Linux and NetBSD I come across
drivers/net/sunlance.c by Miguel de Icaza and it resambles the code for
the NetBSD pmax port ethernet driver. So at this moment I'm studying
sunlance.c which I call declance.c and am experimenting with it. Till
now I did little hacking on arch/mips/, drivers/net/Makefile
and Space.c to accept declance.c and currently I'm at the point figuring
out how to initialize the controller. To be exact: make a start to fill
in the probe_dec_lance structure.

Note 1: does anyone have an idea how much the machines differ? sunlance.c
uses some machine specific algorythms.

Note 2: I have a DECstation 5000/25.

> I'm going to hack on the console support for the DZ-based systems now and 
> try to get an idea how to apply the method used in the Sparc console 
> driver (which also uses several different graphics and serial console types).

Succes with it!

> One more thing: should we try to set a date for the DECstation hacking 
> weekend (DEChack '98 :-)) ? I could try to convince our University to 
> give us a room, internet connectivity, free coffee :-) etc so we could 
> easily have the meeting in Siegen ... What about the third or fourth 
> weekend of July ?

Third weekend - july 18 and 19 - is no problem with me, the fourth weekend
I'll have to leave early sunday afternoon. Bright idea to do it at the
University! Leaves only a place to stay overnight.



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