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Sony News R3000

Subject: Sony News R3000
From: Martin Sillence <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 17:24:34 +0200

I was wondering what info you have about the Sony news R3000 based machines 
and the status of the linux port to it.
I've had a news box for a few months but was unwilling to zap the OS on it 
without backing it up. I'm looking at getting a spare drive soon so I should 
be able to play.
I have substantial experience on programming under Unix and was playing with 
the 0.9* kernels. I would be willing to do some work to port but there remain 
three problems... No knowledge of the News hardware, no knowledge of the R3000 
instruction set and more importantly limited time.
Anyway any info you can pass on would be appreciated.

Martin -
IFB Systems Administrator

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