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Linux/MIPS Tips and pointers

Subject: Linux/MIPS Tips and pointers
From: Nicolas Pitre <>
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 16:08:37 -0400 (EDT)

I'm looking at what is needed to run Linux on a Vr4111 Evaluation Board
and couldn't find if it's already possible or not.  The Linux MIPS FAQ and
HowTo seem to be a bit out of date and there is no pointers to lead me to
some up to date doc/code/etc.

... and if it is not already possible, what should we do to make it

It would be nice if someone could give me some tips on all this.


PS:  How do we subscribe to the mailing list?  I tried linux-mips-request
without any result...  :(

Nicolas Pitre, B. Ing.
VisuAide, Inc.

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