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Subject: Newbie
From: (Martin Nuernberger)
Date: 03 Jun 1998 19:45:00 +0200
Organization: Soft Theater
Hi there,
I'm new to this list and I want to introduce myself a bit.

Age: 32
Profession: System-/network Engineer and Outsourcing specialist

I work at a company that offers Outsourcing for Huge print amounts, SAP R/ 
2, SAP R/3, Paisy (a human resource program by ADP), COM and COLD service  
and host outsourcing (IBM MVS).
I plan and integrate new Host customers on our mainframe and I maintain  
and plan SAP R/3 Network and base.
I run a private Linux system at home on a PC architecture (Pentium 133)  
and I plan to implement some network things (Web Server, Firewall etc.) at  
work with Linux as OS.
I subscribed to this list because I found a old Siemens RM400 at work  
which was covered with some dust.. :)
The Sinix system on it couldn't be started anymore cause there are some  
faults and the root passwort "is gone", so you aren't able to log on.  
Needless to say that manuals and system disks are also lost. :(
My idea was now to install Linux on it.

Does anybody have experience with Linux on a RM200/300/400? How do I  
create Boot disk(s) to start this damn machine?

Thanks for now!


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