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linuxfor DECstation5000_25

Subject: linuxfor DECstation5000_25
From: Georgy Petrov <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 16:44:57 -0200
Dear Sir,
I have ULTRIX DECstation 5000/25 wirh 40 MBts of memorz.
Unfortunately the system crsachs and I could not log on the machine. 
As many others licensed users I have no distribution media kits for
ULTRIX system and all our data are on the thisks of the machine!
In my opinion I shall sfe all the data if I try to install LINUX
on the DECstation and read the other disks with the data.
Could you tell me, please, can I do this and how?
I have three HDDs, 1.44/2.88 FDD, RRD42 CDROM, DAT/DDS-DDS2 tape drive,
ULTRIX 4.2a was the system with X11.
Sincerely uo  yours dr. Georgy Petrov.

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