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QNX Realtime OS Now Supports MIPS, PowerPC Processors

Subject: QNX Realtime OS Now Supports MIPS, PowerPC Processors
From: Chris Wedgwood <>
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 18:01:45 +1200
This might be of interest to some of this list.... 

Would be interested to know how well MIPS/QNX stacks up against rtLinux/MIPS
(assuming the latter exists).


QNX Realtime OS Now Supports MIPS, PowerPC Processors

SAN FRANCISCO, June 1, 1998 - In a move applauded by several of the
biggest players in the information technology industry, QNX Software
Systems Ltd. (QSSL) announced today that QNX, the leading realtime OS
(RTOS) on the x86 platform, now supports the PowerPC and MIPS
processor architectures.

The announcement came at the QNX International Technology Conference
in San Francisco, where QSSL demonstrated MIPS and PowerPC versions of
the QNX/Neutrino® RTOS in front of several hundred embedded

"Developers on other processors can now take full advantage of
everything that has made QNX the leader on x86: fault tolerance, fully
distributed processing, massive scalability, and the industry's most
advanced MMU support," says Dan Dodge, vice president of R&D at QSSL.
"This is the same OS technology that has proven itself in x86
solutions ranging from Internet appliances to distributed telecom

The Word from IBM, Motorola, and NEC

By introducing support for multiple processor platforms, QSSL is
better positioned to build on its rapid growth in several areas -
including consumer electronics, telecommunications, networking, and
low-power portable systems.

IBM - "The proven reputation of QNX technology should significantly
expand the already large market for IBM's PowerPC processors," said
Elliott Newcombe, marketing and applications manager at IBM
Microelectronics, "particularly in high-volume consumer and
communications devices."

Motorola - "We're pleased to have QNX's leading RTOS support available
for Motorola PowerPC microprocessors," said Tom Gunter, corporate vice
president and general manager, Motorola's Networking Systems Division.
"The combination of QNX's scalable realtime technology and Motorola's
high-performance PowerPC processors provides a robust platform for
virtually anything that moves voice or data - from central office
switches and routers to PDAs with low power requirements and
web-enabled set-top boxes."

NEC - "Like our VR Series of 64-bit MIPS RISC processors, QNX
technology is small enough, and efficient enough, for highly mobile,
battery-powered applications," said Ed Forbes, senior marketing
manager of VR Series Development Tools for NEC Electronics Inc. "And
like our high-performance MIPS RISC processors, it's also highly
scalable, which complements our strategy of deploying MIPS RISC 64-bit
technology across a wide spectrum of applications - everything from
consumer electronics and office automation to networking."

An End-to-end Business Solution

According to Paul Zorfass, principal embedded analyst with IDC, "QNX's
support for the PowerPC and MIPS architectures is a strategic decision
that should further extend its reach into the telecom, consumer
electronic, and office automation markets. More importantly, by
partnering with the tool vendor Metrowerks, QNX can now offer embedded
OEMs an end-to-end business solution that encompasses both
multi-platform runtime support and an open, cross-platform development
environment." (See the accompanying Metrowerks press release on the
CodeWarrior for QNX development environment, or visit Metrowerks at

Why Now?

After supporting x86 exclusively for almost 20 years, why is QNX
moving to multiple platforms now? "This move is the product of a
long-range plan," said Michael Hornby, vice president of sales and
marketing. "In fact, we designed QNX to be inherently portable across
platforms. We were only waiting for market demand to reach critical
mass - which has now happened, largely as a result of QNX's growing
popularity with manufacturers of consumer appliances and
telecom/datacom systems."

QSSL will continue to enhance its support for the full range of x86
processors - everything from low-cost 386 processors to high-end
Pentium chips, as well as the latest integrated x86 processors from
AMD, Cyrix, Intel, National Semiconductor, and SGS-THOMSON.


MIPS- and PowerPC-microprocessor-compatible versions of the
QNX/Neutrino RTOS will be released to selected beta sites in 3Q98.

About QNX Software Systems

Founded in 1980, QNX Software Systems is the industry leader in
high-performance realtime operating system software for the x86
platform. No other RTOS vendor has over 17 years' experience on the
x86, offers more options for the x86, or has as large a marketshare on
the x86.

News at a Glance

MIPS and PowerPC versions of QNX RTOS demonstrated at QNX Technology

                                  . . .

Move applauded by IBM, Motorola, NEC, and other industry leaders.

                                  . . .

Brings QNX's fault-tolerant OS technology to wider range of telecom,
consumer, and office automation products.

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